Stop looking at paper drawings.

NX Product and Manufacturing Information “PMI” can be viewed Electronically with JT.

In the 90’s we all wanted to go paperless and today we have yet to make that jump. What’s the hold up? NX has had PMI functionality for a few versions and exporting JT format that will capture PMI information for Sale activities, Purchasing, Vendors or the Shopfloor. In some cases you can easily open JT files in a meeting with Siemens JT2Go or Teamcenter Visualization products depending on your company processes.

As a down stream user, viewing PMI in NX CAD may not be an option because I either don’t have working knowledge of the CAD software or I don’t have a CAD license. So why not have a JT lightweight format sent to me as an end user? Plus, depending on my company, I can mark up a file in various applications like Teamcenter visualization (not to be confuse with Teamcenter product data management “PDM”). If I were a supplier, I would easily download Siemens FREE version of JT2Go. Come on, who doesn’t like the sound of that? After a few moments, you can open the JT file with PMI information.

Let’s get started

The following is an example of just one of many ways this can be accomplished. I’m going to NX CAD, and JT2Go!

A few things to consider: First, do you have a PMI license in order to create PMI within NX 3D modeling space? Secondly, how is your company going to use it or will this information be shared with the supply chain.

Once you have the license and company procedure, and before you head off into the paperless world, you have some customer defaults that to set up. Those setting can be found in customer defaults.

Start NX → File → Utilities → Customer Defaults → PMI



After customer defaults are applied, start a new NX modeling file and ensure PMI is checked. Once you check PMI, a PMI tab will appear along the top of the tool bar.

File → click on PMI text, now a PMI tab appears in the tabs area.


file PMI


The PMI tab will contain tools to create information for conveying your manufacturing data. If you choose to see a dimension in a view or all views, right mouse on the selected dimension and display them in the view of your choosing or all views.


PMI Display


Once you’re ready to exchange the JT file, depending on your process, you can include PMI information. In the following example, PMI was included in the export.

File → export → JT → Dialogue menu appears. NOW is the opportunity to use the roll down menu to include PMI with Part Only, Assemblies Only, None or Parts and Assemblies. Confirm the check mark is on to include Precise Geometry.



Now that a JT file has been created with PMI embedded, I’m using JT2Go. As an end user, they have the capability to view the file that was sent to them. Simply looking at the assembly navigator, the file has PMI, the green check confirms it, but how is it viewed in the display? Select the manufacturing tab and enable PMI.



Settings can be adjusted within the manufacturing tab for viewing PMI.

With JT2Go, there is no save function. Again, it is only a viewer!

TeamCenter Visualization is the software option for marking up and saving.

TeamCenter Visualization has multiple functions per level. As you move to the next level, it builds upon the previous level and adds more capabilities. Teamcenter visualization can be configured within TeamCenter PDM or standalone in a windows environment. JT2Go is free and only a viewer. It has the look and feel of TeamCenter Visualzation with limited functions.


teamcenter visualization levels


We hope this has been helpful!

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