Data Management Services

Teamcenter services have been an integral part of Swoosh Technologies for 15 years and running. Our application support and service team members have been engaged with many industries and have a wide breadth of experience. We continue to have active engagements and support roles in OEM and supply-chain related manufacturers, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Products
  • Heavy Equipment / Off-Road
  • Medical Device
  • Machinery

Within these industries, we have utilized many Teamcenter applications in addition to 3rd party offerings. Setting up quick release and larger, more complex design release workflows for engineering is very common in our engagements. ECN & ECO processes with specialized handlers with Teamcenter. Management of engineering and production data on the shop floor along with quality are other areas we are experienced with Teamcenter.

By having a wide field of experience, our professionals have developed the intellectual collateral to utilize Teamcenter with better and advanced application capabilities. This knowledge also leads to better decision making when expanding PLM into additional business units. As an independent service provider, Swoosh can put aside the “one solution fits all” and recommend alternative paths when best suited.