Getting Started with Teamcenter

Getting started with a PLM solution is not a trivial task. Our industry experience allows us help effectively consult with your PLM planning team and also share many years of best practices. A PLM DA (Discovery Assessment) is done up front in order to develop customer/management facing proposal detailing specific measurable outcomes. This is obtainable by a configured set of solutions with a PLM tool.

A GAP (current situation to the desired solution) analysis plays a large role in our PLM DA. Depending on the severity of the GAP, a multi-step approach may be utilized. An initial phased-in plan will be developed in order for all stake holders know how group and corporate PLM initiatives will be addressed.

Our PLM DA process contains such items, including:

  • Organization Review
    • Group and Roles
    • Process Management
      • Engineering
      • Manufacturing
      • Current Business Processes
    • Production / Shop Floor Management
    • Bill of Material Management
      • CBOM
      • EBOM
      • BOP BOM
      • MBOM
    • Manufacturing Resource Visibility
  • IT Infrastructure Review

With a good plan in place, a phased deployment centers around a GO-LIVE target date. Group release scheduling is carefully monitored to address any issues that may occur in the IT ecosystem. Acceptance and adoption of new systems and processes is key to the success of any new deployment. To aid the process, our team works closely with designated power users and department heads to work through earlier defined UAT (User Acceptance Testing) from the DA.