Business Processes / Workflow Design

When you can’t execute your workflow effectively due to issues revolving the flow of your process, you end up with a lot of valuable but wasted time. What if you could manage your entire workflow more effectively? We can help you bridge the gap between planning and execution by reducing manual effort and cost of managing and tracking any PLM process.

Our process automation is focused on creating SMART workflows.

  • S for Specific
    • Who is involved?
    • What is to be accomplished?
    • Requirements and constraints?
    • Purpose of benefits of accomplishing effort?
  • M for Measurable
    • Establish criteria for measuring the process toward “S”
    • How much, how many?
  • for Attainable
    • Are the methods utilized increasing attainability?
    • Goals of change in line?
  • R for Realistic
    • Is this desired outcome produced by this process?
    • How this change can be accomplished by multiple change requests
  • for Timely
    • Is there adequate time allowing for the process?
    • How will you know when all tasks are completed?
    • Will you have early warning of bottlenecks?

Types of Workflows addressed by the SMART systems:

  • Engineering Level
    • Pre-Release
    • In-process
    • Critical
  • Production Release
  • Change Managemetn
    • ECO
    • ECN