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Solidscape S500 High Precision 3D Printer for Investment Casting

The Solidscape S500 high precision 3D printer is the solution for manufacturing custom parts. The S500’s accuracy produces true wax patterns of complex geometries with a smooth surface finish that result in high integrity castings and perfect parts.

Revolutionize Processes, Maximize Workflow

Speed production time, reduce labor and material costs, and produce perfect, robust parts with the Solidscape S500 wax pattern 3D printer.

Eliminate Tooling

Manufacture perfect product parts in a fraction of the time

Superior Surface Finish

Significantly reduces finishing time and material waste

Repeatable Fabrication

Precise wax patterns create high integrity castings – every time

Directly Castable

100% castability in stainless steel, aluminum, and all castable alloys

Melt-Away Supports

Auto-generated supports dissolve, hands-free, in a non-toxic process

Clean Burnout

Fast melt out, no thermal expansion and no ash or residue

Spend Less Time Tooling and More Time Innovating

The Solidscape process is additive and subtractive. It lays down a very thin layer of build and support materials then mills off each layer – creating high resolution parts up to 5,000 x 5,000 x 8,000 (x,y,x) dpi.

Print with Confidence.
Materials Engineered
for Investment Casting

Midas wax builds solid, durable, ultra-accurate models. Melt-I support material dissolves away completely to reveal perfect wax patterns. Dissolvable supports melt away to reveal solid wax patterns with the best surface finish in the industry. Wax burns out cleanly to produce smooth, high integrity metal parts.

Midas Castable Material

Produce directly castable wax patterns for any industrial application. Developed specifically for high precision investment casting, Midas is optimized to ensure clean burnout with dimensional accuracy – no distortion, warping, or shrinkage.

Melt-I Dissolvable Support

Create clean, smooth wax patterns. Melt-I dissolvable support material is formulated to reduce stress points on delicate areas in complex geometries and thin walls as it dissolves away completely in a non-toxic process.

Learn More About the Solidscape S500

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