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Solid Edge is a hybrid 2D/3D CAD system that utilizes synchronous technology to provide accelerated growth, faster revisions, and better imported re-use to help companies design faster. The program tool is a truly scalable solution to complete all projects from 2D drafting to advanced 3D modeling including assembly design, automated drawing production, simulation, and much more.

Users can experience accelerated 3D design. Solid Edge with synchronous technology combines the speed of explicit modeling with the precise control of parameterized design to provide the fastest and most flexible design experience possible. Coupled with beautiful, real time, photo-realistic rendering, product development teams experience shorter times to market and faster revenue recognition.

“With Solid Edge, we are easily finding successful product ideas together, which we are able to implement efficiently.”

Urs Menzi, Co-Owner

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solid edge reuse
Better Transition & Reuse

2D Part drawings can be used to recreate existing designs in 3D that inherit 2D manufacturing dimensions automatically, while assembly drawings can be used to drive the fit and position of a complete product. Synchronous technology enables 3D models from other systems to be edited as though they are native Solid Edge. Move to Solid Edge faster and reuse existing data.

solid edge complete digital design
Complete Digital Design

Build complete 3D digital prototypes and optimize designs before production. Design assemblies with machined, cast, or stylized components. Process-specific applications simplify frame, piping, tube, wiring, weldments, and mold tooling design. Show operations and appearance with exploded views, photo-realistic renderings, and animations. Solid Edge has all the tools for your digital prototyping needs.

solid edge team collaboration
Design Collaboration

For design collaboration, Solid Edge offers a full suite of tools that let designers author, edit, distribute, and explore design alternatives – at any time, from anywhere. Solid Edge lets you document 3D models directly speeding design iterations. With synchronous technology, casual users can manipulate 3D models with little or no understanding of how or where they were created – a major advantage over the competition.

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