The New Era of Engineering

Speed the Simulation Process with Simcenter

With Simcenter 3D, engineers have the necessary tools to address market trends while meeting customers’ demands. The powerful CAE simulation software enables you to evolve your engineering processes from a verification-centric approach to a more predictive approach by implementing efficient multidisciplinary simulation processes. Expect to drive your product designs faster while building better, less expensive and more reliable products.

Simcenter is available as a standalone simulation environment. Also available completely integrated with NX delivering a seamless CAD/CAE experience.

Acoustics Simulation

Quickly gain insight into the acoustic performance of your product with Simcenter’s unified and scalable modeling environment that combines efficient solvers and easy-to-interpret visualization capabilities.

Simcenter Composites


Speed the entire process for simulating laminate composite materials through a seamless connection to composites design, accurate solvers and comprehensive post processing.

Simcenter Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics Simulation

Simulate almost any engineering problem involving the flow of liquids, gases, or a combination of both liquid and gas with all of the associated physics.

Motion Simulation

Calculate the reaction forces, torques, velocities, and acceleration to further understand the operating environments for your products. The embedded motion solver and robust post processing capabilities provide intricate detail to product behavior.

Simcenter Multi-physics

Multi-Physics Simulation

Some complex problems can only be solved with solutions that span a multitude of physical phenomena. Simcenter offers solutions using simulation techniques that cross several engineering disciplines.

Simcenter Structural Simulation

Structural Simulation

It’s critical to understand how a component or product assembly reacts under stress or vibration. Simcenter includes a wide range of structural solutions that can help solve any complex problem.

Simcenter Thermal Simulation

Thermal Simulation

Understand thermal characteristics of your product and tailor thermal management solutions for optimal performance with thermal simulation capabilities only found in Simcenter.

Simcenter Meshing


Reduce downstream modeling with meshing capabilities with numerous techniques for the application of loads and boundary conditions.


Reduce component weight or find the right combination of parameters to improve product performance through comprehensive topology, geometry, and parameter optimization capabilities.

Simcenter Pre Post Processing

Pre/Post Processing

Reduce time spent preparing analysis models and spend it where it matters most: evaluating the results. With Simcenter, you can quickly move from multi-CAD geometry data to a complete, run-ready analysis model using unique tools for CAE geometry editing, meshing, FE assembly management, and multi-CAE solver environments.

Automation / Scalability

Engineers are always seeking ways to speed up the analysis process and increase throughput. With Simcenter, you can increase simulation throughput by capturing repetitive CAE processes, standardizing them, and automating them.