NX CAM provides a single system for manufacturing engineering with a complete set of NC programmingNXCAM9-Drilling-FBM_plm-300x216 capabilities in a single CAM system. NX CAM boasts an integrated set of manufacturing software applications that facilitate part modeling, tool design, and inspection programming based in a future-proof architecture.

Advanced technology in NX CAM tooling solutions automates and accelerates your development of molds, dies, and fixtures for higher quality, lower cost and faster turnaround.

In machining, NX CAM delivers the range and depth of CAM performance that maximizes your ROI in advanced machine tools. Linked with proven data and process controls, NX CAM helps your company manage information to improve productivity and collaboration in manufacturing operations.


“With NX, we are reducing our programming time by more than 50 percent.”

– Rajiv Kapoor, Managing Director, Rasandik Engineering Industries India Ltd.



  • Save up to 90 percent on programming time by automating routine tasks
  • Get it right the first time on the shop floor by simulating and validating NC programs in the context of the machine tool process
  • Reduce CMM programming time by up to 80 percent
  • Improve Surface Finish, Accuracy and Part Quality
  • Maximize Use of Manufacturing Resources