industrial machinery design in NXNX CAD for design delivers the fastest, most flexible, and effective product design software to the industry’s most tightly integrated CAD/CAM/CAE solution.

With state of the art tools and techniques, NX CAD streamlines and accelerates your product development process – allowing you to get your products to market more rapidly.

The power of synchronous technology in NX CAD, allows you to create and edit geometry with unparalleled speed and ease with models from native or other CAD systems.

NX CAD includes effective assembly design tools with performance and capacity that enables you to work interactively in the full assembly context, even with the most complex of models.

NX CAD also offers design templates that help you accelerate design and standardize engineering processes. You can quickly create templates from existing models and easily re-use them for new designs.

“NX is the most powerful design software I’ve ever used. The solid models, the assemblies, all of the things that come together in the modeling aspect produce better results.”

Chad Scwartz
Lead Design Engineer
Wright Medical Technology

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