NX CAE for simulation is a modern, multi-discipline CAE environment for advanced analysts, workgroups, andNX8_Simulation_-_roof_crush3-300x184 designers who have the need to deliver high quality performance insights. NX CAE increases simulation productivity to speed up the entire product development cycle, which enables companies to take products to market faster. NX CAE integrates best-in-class analysis modeling with simulation solutions for structural (powered by NX Nastran), thermal, flow, motion, engineering optimization, multiphysics, simulation data management, and simulation driven design into a single environment. This tight integration with robust analysis modeling commands is the key to reducing modeling time by up to 70 percent compared to traditional finite element modeling tools.


“We can take our 3D model, basically use that exact same 3D model, just click a button on the NX screen and we’re in stress and strain analysis. Click another button and we’re in a deflection analysis. Click another button and we’re running flow simulations. So being able to integrate all those different analysis tools right into our 3D modeling software has benefited us greatly.”

– Jeff Albersten, Design Engineer, Adams Golf


  • Speed Simulation Processes by Up to 70 percent
  • Efficiently build and manage FE assemblies through a unique, multilevel approach
  • Speed solution times through parallel processing
  • Simulate mechatronic systems
  • Simulation data and process management
  • Capture and automate repetitive simulation processes