CAM Express is a full function, CAD neutral, NC programming system that is easy to deploy and increasescam_expressG-code_driven_simulation-300x255 the productivity of machine tools. Machine shops need to take full advantage of the most efficient and innovative machine tools such as high-speed mills, five axis machines, or mill-turn multi-function equipment.

CAM Express is easy to deploy, learn to use, and has the industry’s best practices pre-configured and built in to standard processes so that less experienced users become fully productive and experienced users can maximize efficiency.

For high-speed milling machines the in-depth functionality, and the customer proven methods that are provide within CAM Express will help maximize the rate of material removal while optimizing tool life-key objectives on high-speed machines.

Being able to accurately machine more complex parts can provide a competitive edge CAM Express can help maximize the value of new 5-Axis machines by delivering effective NC programs even for the most demanding jobs.

Mill-turn machines can deliver significant shop floor savings. CAM Express has the range and depth of capability needed to address the programming of these machines with their typically innovative configurations.


“With the 5-axis machining capability of CAM Express, automatic tool sequencing and machining execution takes place immediately after drawings are drafted, eliminating a number of problems, including different personnel qualifications, wasted time, and so on.”

– Cai Peirong, Deputy Director, R&D Department, Te-Shin


  • Effective programming of any type of machinery part
  • Increased programming time and automation
  • Easy to deploy, learn, and use
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Scalable solution customized for small and mid sized shops.