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Whether you need parts that are durable, light, or tough, Markforged 3D Printers can help you innovate faster with parts made of Onyx, Carbon Fiber, or any of our other 11 materials. Markforged is changing the way manufacturers are producing parts – eliminating traditional methods and offering unprecedented cost, time, and efficiency savings. As the first and only affordable 3D desktop printer for a variety of industries, Markforged embeds continuous fiber into printer carbon and nylon for an end-use composite part with the strength of metal.

The First Engineering Desktop 3D Printer


Ready to jump into 3D printing? The Onyx One can create parts for a wide variety of applications using Onyx chopped carbon fiber filament. Step up to the Onyx Pro for the most impressive strength of adding continuous fiberglass for strong composite parts. No other 3D printer gives you the benefits of ever-improving functionality.


Mark Two’s industrial strength is the only 3D printer on the market that gives you the ability to go from CAD to strong-as-metal parts that you can trust to meet your design goals. The Mark Two combines the design flexibility of 3D printing with the remarkable strength of carbon fiber, fiber glass, and Kevlar for jigs, fixtures, and other tooling and custom end-use production parts.


The Mark X builds off the portfolio of Markforged’s high strength materials with access to our plastics, tough nylon, and onyx – as well as all of our continuous fibers including carbon fiber. Closely compared to other industrial 3D printers that are priced higher, it’s capabilities are unmatched.


The Metal X greatly accelerates innovation and delivers metal parts overnight using a new technology at the fraction of the cost. Leave 20th century manufacturing in the dust and create anything from industrial replacement parts to injection molds to working prototypes.

The Difference is in the Material

Our materials combine to give superior composites by starting with our base plastics and adding continuous fibers for reinforcement.

ONYX |  Micro-carbon reinforced nylon for strong, stiff, and heat tolerant parts
NYLON | Tough, flexible, and versatile with a smooth surface for a wide variety of applications
FIBERGLASS |  Continuous fiber designed to reinforce Onyx or Tough Nylon; 5x the strength of Onyx parts alone in addition to other properties not found anywhere else in 3D printing
CARBON FIBER | High performance, superior, and lightweight material – perfect for applications requiring the greatest possible stiffness and strength but as light as a feather
KEVLAR | Best abrasion resistance and is our most flexible fiber material; for when you need parts that are durable and resistant to impact
HSHT FIBERGLASS | High Strength, High Temperature (HSHT) Fiberglass; used for strong parts in higher temperature environments – designed to thrive in the heat of the moment

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Materials combine to to give you superior composites by starting with our base plastics and adding continuous fibers for reinforcement. Looking to refill your inventory? Stock up on materials for your 3D printer today.

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