Garrett L. Koch, St. Louis, MO In 1973 Garrett quick-started a career with an associates degree and a dose of ambition. 20 years afterwards, he was well-accomplished in drafting, design, and engineering in many industries developing patentable designs and realizing many successful large-scale engineering projects. In 1994 he embarked on a different career in CAD training, courseware development, and technical support. During the last couple of decades, Garrett has taught Phd’s from MIT, project engineers at Los Alamos National Labs, officers at NASA, and users across the continent at major manufacturers of aerospace, automotive, power generation, jewelry… you name it! He’s even taught around the world, literally. Garrett excels at the knowledge transfer of NX mechanical CAD and Teamcenter in a friendly, entertaining, and effective learning environment. Garrett is also considered an expert in NX installation, configuration, and technical support.

Version of License File

NX License File Basics

This article highlights the essential components of an NX license file and a quick overview of what needs to be done once a license file is received from Siemens. Overview To access your NX software, you must first enable your NX license. Without a license file or borrowing a license from a server that has…

NX System Log File

NX Logging Business

How to view the NX System Log File and the License Server Debug Log File generated during an NX session and what they can tell you. Overview NX journals basically everything into the log file from the moment you click the startup icon to the last confirmation to exit. However, you should familiarize yourself with…