They trained AutoCAD users for the changes in our PDM environment in the past and are contracted for our upcoming upgrade. The outcome of the previous training was so successful that when our current upgrade was scheduled, the customer specifically requested Swoosh to provide the training for the new version based on past performance.

The personal attention to my training, questions, and methods in the format was so perfect. Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable with regards to the NX software and its advanced capabilities. My professional abilities have increased substantially from the level before the training took place.

The training provided by Swoosh was a tremendous boost in our production. By being able to now utilize all of the new functionality improvements that NX offers, we have reduced design time by 15% in most cases.

…the best CAD training I’ve ever attended. The courseware was great and will continue to serve as a great reference tool. The concepts were presented in an organized, easy-to-follow pace. Our instructor answered questions clearly and made it easy to understand. I highly recommend training from Swoosh!

Here in the tooling group, we are tasked with the design and manufacture of various subsea tools. We turned to Swoosh Technologies to provide Solid Edge as a means to develop and test our various tools in the virtual environment. However, we quickly discovered that Swoosh was much more than a software reseller. They provide us with ongoing support as well as quality training and mentoring. Training from Swoosh has increased our productivity and design processes.

Swoosh handled our PLM installation and training with great service and commitment. When there was an issue, they supported us through the whole process. They training services really focused on meeting the specific needs we had and saved us money and time.