A complex environment in the oil and gas industry.

Oil and Gas

Offshore-oil-rigThe oil and gas industry operates in an increasing complex environment with global demand expected to continue to rise for the next 20 years. This increase in demand will require the oil and gas supply chain to react with speed and precision while delivering the highest return on investment.

To keep up with demand and industry challenges in oil and gas, innovation has never been more critical. New engineering methods must be created to support this growth and improve performance and profitability while accelerating the delivery of safe and reliable products. To meet these needs hundreds of decision points and parallel workflows are needed. Product lifecycle management (PLM) tools can be implemented to ease the decision making process and provide cooperation across your supply chain.


Accurate customer alignment and on-time product delivery depends on total visibility into the status of your initiatives, the impact of change, and identification of potential bottlenecks before they result in irreversible delays. Implementing a PLM platform allows companies like yours to optimize you plan-to-production process for managing innovation complexity.

Rapid Innovation

As the industry continues to change and develop, pressures require your company to add new features and capabilities to your products at a very rapid pace with little margin for error. PLM solutions ensure greater certainty in the development of your industry equipment and machines, resulting in shorter commissioning times and more immediate productivity thus allowing for more time to innovate.


Today’s industry manufacturers must establish a sustainable strategy to maintain a competitive advantage; this mean developing equipment with longer lifecycles that use less energy or natural resources in operation. Utilizing powerful engineering solutions from design through manufacturing and data management, allow for companies to locate and elevate their resources to develop lasting sustainability.