Industrial machinery manufacturers are faced with an increasing number of new requirements, such as theindustrial-machinery-img demand for more flexibility for machines that can be quickly adapted to new products or formats as well as for their machines to be easily integrated into existing plants. Manufacturers of industrial machinery also take on another crucial requirement to drastically reduce the time it takes to develop new machines while ensuring they operate close to 100 percent uptime.

Our product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions take on these changing requirements allowing you to efficiently manage design complexity from early-stage virtual machine design to production and data management. Partnered with Siemens PLM, our solutions integrate product design, development, and production processes while enabling complete product information visibility for designers, engineers, and suppliers of industrial machinery.


Improve decision support

Constant visibility into product and production information allows you to be able to make smarter decisions across the design, manufacturing process planning and commissioning.


Accelerate product launches

Reduce the number of prototypes, effectively manage design complexity, and improve collaboration across your value chain, while you improve your speed to delivery. Also leverage the power of a virtual machine to reduce setup time while operating your machines.


Increase profitable growth

Deliver increased margins on your machines by accelerating your launches and establishing higher price points. Our solutions also allow for reduced costs of prototyping and enabling concurrent engineering and manufacturing to minimize costs.


Extend lifecycle returnsSE_Overview_image1-300x187

Implementing a PLM process facilitates your company to streamline your design process to improve operational performance while adding innovative product content and delivering closed-loop service lifecycle management that allows your machines to meet ever-changing requirements for greater productivity, energy efficiency, and lower cost of ownership.

Re-use best practices

Our PLM solutions allow your company to leverage knowledge capture and workflow capabilities to ensure that your company’s information assets are being re-used. Your machine designs have much greater flexibility to adapt to new products or formats, leading to increased productivity and profitability.

Data Management