Optimizing the idea-to-shelf process is essential for managing the complexity of innovation in today’s ExplodedTourbillon1-300x186consumer product goods (CPG) industry. A product life-cycle management (PLM) solution aids companies like yours to improve consumer product development processes comprised of hundreds of decision points and parallel work flows. Our PLM solutions provide intelligently integrated information and future-proof architecture with a high-definition user experience. These solutions provide the tools that help leading company such as Nike Golf, Unilever, and Canon facilitate innovation and remain category leaders.


Improve productivity and accelerate launches

PLM implementation and use facilitates a collaborative decision making environment that empowers users to make better decisions faster and speeds your innovation to the market.


Better brand innovation and execution

Maintaining and mastering your product life-cycle is critical to remaining competitive. Together with Siemens PLM, we provide a decision support system that enables rapid innovation through intelligently integrated data and processes.


Consistent brand compliance and sustainability

Customer products, demands, internal business goals, and government regulations are ever changing and command a solution to enable you to manage these trends and requirements as an essential part of the decision making process. Our PLM solutions allow you to do just that while facilitating coordination and standardization across your value chain to ensure compliance and product safety.


Increase Profitable Growthnx_diswasher-300x262

Deliver high margins at the shelf by accelerating launches and establishing higher price points while minimizing costs by implementing a state-of-the-art PLM platform allowing for reduced rework and improved productivity.

Drive Brand Growth

Improve brand consistency and portability to more efficiently and rapidly replicate successful business processes and re-use best practices across your company and its value chain by implementing a integrated approach from product design through manufacturing and data management.

Data Management