Changing Regulations in the Automotive & Transportation Industry

Automotive & Transportation

Car in NXChange is constant in the automotive and transportation industry. OEMs and suppliers must adapt to changing regulations and technical innovations while manufacturing faster and cheaper. To enable automotive manufacturers to meet challenging demands, we provide tailored product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions that provide a systematic approach to innovation and improvement to your bottom line.

Designed to optimize your business processes and remain competitive in today’s automotive and supplier networks, our solutions are backed by mainstream partners including Siemens PLM, Luxion, and Geometric Ltd. Together, we have a proven track record of success from design to manufacturing to product data management.

Synchronization and Interoperability

Eliminate waste and lost time caused by erroneous assumptions and incorrect information by facilitating a PLM environment. Our solutions, together with Siemens PLM, consist of an unmatched understanding of information exchange. 17 of the 25 automotive OEMs in the world have implemented data management solutions – which include their suppliers allowing information to flow seamlessly in a synchronized manner. Collaboration at many levels is now made possible allowing the automotive industry to move from simple information exchange to comprehensive design interoperability.

Commonization and Reuse

Automotive manufacturers are aiming to lower costs and accelerate their program deliverability. The ability to design for commonality among automotive development is crucial, and the capacity to reuse those designs for further customization provides the speed and cost reduction necessary to take on more business. With the use of synchronous technology, manufacturers can accelerate design and data management that’s critical to tracking common models and changes in the automotive and transportation industry.

Change Management

Change is necessary and inevitable in today’s automotive and transportation industry. Pressed with changes including new technology, manufacturing capabilities, and government regulations, aerospace manufacturers must maintain a systematic and repeatable change management process. Our PLM solutions enable you to quickly assess the impact of any proposed changes throughout the product lifecycle.

Design and Manufacturing

Having the ability to capture the collective knowledge that your company has generated and attained across its entire history allows for learned experiences and best practices across the product lifecycle. Our knowledge-driven solutions allow automotive manufacturers to reduce lost-time penalties, decrease overall manufacturing costs, improve production readiness, and assurance for product compliance.