Aerospace and defense companies, along with their supply chain, continue to experience increased plant-jet-renderingcompetition and ever evolving challenges. These companies must deliver a product that meets all technical, regulatory, and performance requirements at cost and on schedule. We provide a comprehensive solution that is uniquely qualified to address the challenges of all phases across the entire product life-cycle that extends from preliminary design, detailed design and engineering to manufacture, and service and support. Our solutions mean success and have all the vital characteristics to a healthy product life-cycle including:



Aerospace and defense manufacturers and their supply chain make up an enterprise that is among the largest and most complex in the world. Established and dependable scalability is a must for any product life-cycle management (PLM) platform that is expected to mange and support this type of demanding enterprise.


The PLM solutions we offer have the functionality to seamlessly manage complex programs across all life-cycle phases and operations for OEMs and their supply chain.


Speed and time-to-market is a crucial competitive advantage in the aerospace and defense industry where product life-cycle can take years. Our solutions are backed by mainstream partners including Siemens PLM, Luxion, and Geometric Ltd. Together we have a proven record of success from design to manufacturing and data management.


Our solutions address the rising aerospace industry challenges and trends by incorporating project-specific capabilities. These solutions span the compete life-cycle from eBOM to mBOM management.

Data Management